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RCC was established in 2002 with the aim of providing commercial and contractual support and assistance to BMS and other Specialist Contracting companies.

As such, RCC’s training focuses very specifically on the commercial and contractual needs, problems and opportunities that specialist contracting companies encounter every day.

The programme consists of an integrated set of directly targeted and high quality, intensive full day training courses with the aim of providing clear and practical understanding using real-life, common industry sector reference material and experiences.

Our trainers and operational team have all worked in the specialist contracting sector of the construction industry so we are well aware of the risks and abuses specialists can be exposed to when contracting. We strive to provide quick effective solutions to address any problems and provide practical help and guidance for long term protection and profitability of your business.

Courses available include:

A-Z of Contracts: Contract Formation & the Importance of Order Acceptance
All you need to know, from contract formation and order acceptance to understanding and managing contract terms.

Next Dates: TBC

Managing Contract Scope, Change & Progress

How to understand and manage the contract terms to ensure your obligations and entitlements relating to time and money are met and recovered.

Next Dates: TBC

Getting Paid
How to get what you are entitled to, paid on time.

Next Dates: TBC

Using NEC Contracts: What You Need to Know
All you need to know about the operational, contractual and commercial implications of using NEC contracts.

Next Dates: TBC

Claims, Disputes & Adjudication
How to handle claims and disputes effectively including resolution through adjudication.

Next Dates: TBC

Effective Cost, Value & Subcontract Management
Managing the value and costs of specialist construction work including the procurement and management of subcontracting.

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Benefits of Attending:

Whilst all our courses can be attended individually, they are designed to run sequentially to give specialist sub-contractors the skills and support that will help and assist you to:

• Understand and agree a fair and reasonable contract
• Get paid what you are entitled to, in full and on time
• Recover additional monies for varied, disrupted or prolonged works
• Manage your projects more effectively
• Avoid and/or resolve disputes
• Implement good commercial contract practices

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