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Managing Contract Scope, Change & Progress

  • How to understand and manage the contract terms to ensure your obligations and entitlements relating to time and money are met and recovered.
    Contracts training by RCC Limited

Recommended for

  • Sales personnel, site supervisors, project and contract managers and administrators and all other staff of specialist companies with any direct responsibility for supervising or managing the execution of sub contract works.

Duration and Price

  • 1 day:   £199 + VAT per person. Book online using the forms below
  • For group bookings, please contact Andy Redfern on 01283 512535.

Benefits of Attending

  • Reduce risk and increase profitability by effectively establishing, monitoring and changing scopes of work
  • Ensure your company meets its obligations
  • Gain insight into the importance of dates and programmes
  • Protect your company’s interests
  • Recognise and receive your company’s entitlements
  • Improve the recovery of variation value
  • Avoid legal and contractual pitfalls
  • Special emphasis on compliance with contract terms, record keeping and good commercial practice plus the key contractual aspects regarding time and progress for specialist contractors

Next Dates

  • Please contact 01283 512535 for more details and/or to arrange an in-house session.
Course Content
  • Establishing and understanding the scope of work
  • Design responsibility & Contractor’s design portion (CDP)
  • Contract, site and verbal instructions
  • Schedule of rates
  • Identifying, preparing and agreeing variations
  • Daywork
  • Attendances and facilities
  • Keeping records
  • Getting it in writing
  • Site meetings
  • Meeting minutes
  • Contra charges
  • Programme preparation and agreement
  • Progress monitoring and reporting
  • Delay, disruption, acceleration and prolongation
  • Extensions of time
  • Practical completion
  • Suspending work
  • Good day-to-day commercial practice for protecting your company from unrecoverable cost escalation


  • “At last, a relevant course that gives practical solutions to everyday issues specialist sub-contractors encounter on a daily basis!”
  • “A great course that’s helped me to identify how we can make simple changes to our contract record monitoring to ensure the success of our projects.”